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Digested From “Law Stops Smoking”
San Mateo Daily Journal (09/15/08) by Dana Yates

Last November, the Belmont City Council in California passed a law prohibiting smoking in apartments and condominiums and on their patio and yard areas. The far-reaching law gave apartment owners and condominium complexes 14 months to come into compliance, with Jan. 1, 2009, to be the first day the ban officially goes into effect. Belmont officials are hosting a special public meeting in October to help residents and property owners understand the new law better and provide tips on how to comply. Smoking will be banned at any multi-floor, multi-unit building that shares common floors or ceilings. The law goes into effect whether the communities are leased or privately owned. Owners, meanwhile, will be required to insert no-smoking provisions in new or renewed residential leases. The California Apartment Association is providing an approved form to help owners in this matter. Owners will be permitted to designate outdoor smoking areas if they are more than 20 feet away from doors or windows used by the public. Council members settled on a 14-month window to give Belmont’s various apartment and condominium communities sufficient time to come under compliance.
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